Why start Run Legacy?

Why start Run Legacy?


I thought I was on it. Perhaps a little behind the curve - but not far off.

Sustainability - news on how we can change our World. My mind was already thinking in this direction, I was onto something.

For me, COVID-19 was the catalyst for behavioural change. 

Promises were made to start making a difference in 2019 - Clapping the NHS on a Thursday eve...we know where that got them.

In 2023, what has actually happened? Sweet F.A. (almost...).

Right now...

The economy is on its knees. 

Retail is under the biggest of pressures - bigger and deeper than 2008.

Run & Sport retailers - large & small - are all hurting. 

Brands sold too much stock through '20/'2.

Retailers bought too much.

Both parties thought a new normal was 30-50% sales increase YOY - boom. error. 


Disposable cash disappeared. 

Cue more conscious consumerism, so we thought.

Run Legacy started in 2020 - with a PURPOSEFULL mission.

'To bring sustainability to the running and sporting goods market.'

It makes sense - right?

This is what the Industry and the World wants & needs!


Nope... It's what they say they want & need. Sustainability is a change that is still waiting to happen. But a change is going to come. At the pace of the tortoise...

Better we get there slow and steady?


We need the speed of the hare.

Am I happy we've driven the Run legacy flag in the Sand?


Do we have like minded businesses & individuals in our community?


Are we making a difference?

We like to think so.

Is there more to be done?


Do we need to balance progress with patience?

Frustratingly, YES. 

Is the Industry headed in the right direction?

There's talk...BUT.  ACTION IS MINIMAL.


Collective action is needed - Brands. Retailers. Consumers. 

We need to push for change. We need to pull in the same direction. We need to...this is the only planet we have.

Thank you for being curious.



I have been in the running industry for +17years, experienced retail, brand and distribution. Aged 38 I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

This has fuelled my creativity.  I believe in this more than ever, allowing strategic decisions to flourish from messy ideas.

Thank you to those that have stood by me and listened and supported. We move forward.