Chpt 1 : What's cool...? What's not...?

Chpt 1 : What's cool...? What's not...?

In each chapter we will bring to you what we think is cool and what's not...

Some of it we are sure you will have seen, some maybe has gone under your radar.

What's cool in this chapter

Single use vapes to be banned

From a societal health and environmental perspective this is the only direction for these terrible things. We back the banning of them.

Dr Martens launch repair scheme

Well done Dr Martens - any brand looking for ways to move from a linear business model to a circular one get our vote! A brand that has no doubt contributed to environment damage through the years is making an effort in their future - a good example to all brands and businesses.


What's not cool.... 

World Economic Forum

Climate change is amplifying the need to make supply chains more resilient. Drought is creating long queues and delays at the Panama Canal. The climate damage done by much of the unsustainable product being shipped through the canal will actually end up preventing more to be shipped...