Chpt 2 : Whats cool..? Whats not...?

Chpt 2 : Whats cool..? Whats not...?

In each chapter we will bring to you what we think is cool and what's not...

Some of it we are sure you will have seen, some maybe has gone under your radar.

What's cool in this chapter


Since our last chapter we have discovered Shellworks and thought they are so cool we wanted to bring them to you.

Shellworks are a wonderfully creative business on a mission to create naturally-derived materials and packaging to support businesses in transitioning to a waste free world. We love their tagline 'Packaging that never becomes waste’. Beautiful. 

They are in their own words “A bunch of designers, biologists, material scientists, chemical engineers and marketeers’ They by their nature are material enthusiasts, problem-solvers, composters who do good through making, designing and innovating. 

Material innovation and design is at the heart of business. They use Vivomer which is a material of the future, made and unmade by microbes. Too cool.

They currently work mainly within the personal care category however are looking to expand out to creat packaging solutions for other industries. We think run brands should get in on the Vivomer and Shellworks.

Check their intro video on insta: shellworks and find out more on


Gomi Design

Running and music, like beer and crisps right.....?

So you can imagine our delight when we (Paul) discovered the amazing Gomi Design.

Music motivates. It energises and is emotive. As runners we have music before and during races - music is all around us. So we thought you would think Gomi Design deserves to be in our what's cool listings.

Each of there speakers are a 'one of one', their signature marbling makes every speaker unique. Hand crafted from ‘non-recyclable’ waste plastics and powered by second-life lithium batteries. The equivalent of 44 plastic bags go into each speaker. Batteries come from damaged e-bikes… this is very cool. It gets better.....

The creatives at Gomi Design then repair your beautiful speaker when it needs some TLC within the two year warranty. Check them out at and we particularly love their ‘Oceans’ limited edition


What's not cool

The Climate Change Committee has recently described the UK government's  efforts to accelerate climate action as “worryingly slow’ and it is now less confident that the UK will not reach its targets for cutting carbon emissions.

New coal and oil projects in the UK have been central to this slow down. 

Read more in a recently published article ; CCC assessment and developments on NetZero .